Two Visions I had on 12/18/2010

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Two Visions I had on 12/18/2010

Post by Sabrina on Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:29 pm

I was talking to a girl named Kelli. I was staying at a house for women who wanted to get closer to God. A women came over to the house and she and I were talking she seemed nice but I got a weird feeling from her for some reason. I was sitting on the couch and she was in a rocking chair across from me. Just so everyone knows we were inside where their was no smoking allowed and it was warm and no drafts of cold air to cause what I saw. Next thing I'm seeing white water vapor cloud coming from her mouth as she spoke it spread into the air in a cloud around her head then suddenly sucked back in her mouth and disappeared. This again happened on separate occasions with two other people having to do with this house inside the church. I was awake for them and the second vision I had later that night was different. We were driving to the church to go a class to see our Rabbi and there was a sign along the road that I seen plenty of times before it. I was looking at it and the sign suddenly changed from saying countertops and a few other word to being completely overshadowed with the word "countenance". I later looked up the definition of countenance and it means 1.appearance, especially the look or expression of the face: a sad countenance.
the face; visage.
calm facial expression; composure.
approval or favor; encouragement; moral support.
Obsolete . bearing; behavior.

I remembered our rabbi saying in a blessing prayer for God to let his countenance be shown to us. I felt that the definition "approval" fit that God was trying to tell me that he approved of me and that He was letting his countenance be known to me. I'm still not sure what the smoke visions meant. Any comments or advice welcome. Anything the holy spirit is saying to anyone concerning this??
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