Old Workplace Dream AGAIN--Help!

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Old Workplace Dream AGAIN--Help!

Post by afterhisheart on Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:12 am

This is the second dream that actually took place in my former workplace (a job I ended 9 years ago). In addition, I had another dream that my former co-workers were in....but not in the workplace.

I used to work for the US Banktruptcy Court (but I really don't think that is significant). In this dream I walked in the back door (the first dream I used the front door...when I worked there, I would always use the back door...you can't get past the front counter otherwise).

It was obvious I was going back to visit and no longer worked there...like it was present day. I saw the two ladies I worked for. I chit-chatted and they started to talk about lunch plans. I was hoping they would invite me to stay. They did. They got a menu from Pizza Hut and were going to order in.

In the dream, I told them I have had 2 dreams about our former boss and asked if they had heard from her (IRL I have had 2 dreams about her). They said they hadn't heard from her since the day she retired.

I didn't know anyone else working in the office.

We sat at several long tables put together and ate lunch with everyone in the office.

An ex-boyfriend of mine came in with his wife and child (seemed normal). He sat down and then he came over to me and said, "You've got crumbs all over you, sugar in your cleavage, and mud on the toe of your shoe. I just wanted you to be aware so you look professional." I immediately felt sugar in my cleavage and dug it out, wiped out the crumbs, and noticed the mud on my shoe."

Dream moves to the house I lived in right before I transferred offices:

I was looking for something to give my ex and his wife to carry their baby in (Moby Wrap). Then she showed up with one on and I realized I had already given her one but she didn't have mine on. I didn't care, but she felt like she had to explain. I told her the flaws that were in the one I gave her anyway so I could completely understand.

Other people lived in this house with me.

We took turns using the bathroom. I remember using it to brush my teeth.

Then it was my friend and her family that lived there and I was there watching her kids with her (I do this in real life--she had quadruplets). They were playing with toys in various places in the house and I said, "Why don't you make one of the rooms a toyroom and have the toys in one place?"

Sorry it is so scattered. That is all I can remember.

Help anyone?
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Re: Old Workplace Dream AGAIN--Help!

Post by daphanie02 on Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:57 am

sometimes old workplaces symbolize your new workplace or a place you invest a lot of your time and energy. sometimes when i dream about an old drs office i used to work at, its really this dreamsite and the office manager is Mia and of course the Dr is God. do you think your old workplace could be symbolic of something new in your life you work hard at?

Also, restrooms represent a privite place and private matters. Normally things you wouldnt want to share with others. If you were brushing your teeth, it could be that you were cleaning things up in privite. (Maybe having privite confessions to God about a situation in your life) Make sense? Also, the crumbs and mud, would represent to me, not being as ready and presentable as you thought at first. I really feel like this part is mostly soulish though and that its a feeling you had. example: maybe you were in a situation where someone said something to you and you felt like you were wrong or unprofessional. Doesnt mean you arent professional, just that something may have happened to make you feel that way. Hope im makeing sense here.

God bless you,

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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