Cowboy rescues damsel in distress

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Cowboy rescues damsel in distress

Post by Sabrina on Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:02 pm

This dream was probably a product of late night research and real life situations. But had to mention it because it made me feel really happy let's just say I didn't feel that happy when I went to sleep last night. I'll start by explaining what happened in my day in real life. A friend had came to visit us and my husband wanted to introduce this friend and another friend because one used to work at a gun club and the other just started running a gun club. Well anyway the one guy is straight cowboy wears the hat the boots and everything. Later that day My family and I were out and about in town after going out to have strombowlie(sp?) and we needed to stop and get paper towels and other unmentionables. I went into the store and bought and paid for everything and carried the things out not really paying attention to what I was doing. As I soon as we were almost home I realized that I had forgot the paper towels I'd bought and they were left at the store. Hubby of course was irritated I apologized because that whole day since I woke up I was feeling like my head had been on backwards. He was kinda harsh as he can be sometimes and kinda hurt my feelings. I tried to push it out of my mind. So later I was doing some word study on what the definition of what a nobleman or women was. God has really been trying to get me to see that He doesn't see me the way I think He sees me and trying to get me to see who he is and really just trying to encourage me. I'm still in awe and can't understand how God can possibly love me. I really feel I'm as unlovely as it gets. But I'm starting to see He does love me and just wish I could find the words to describe it. Anyway, earlier that day I got on Facebook to check up on my friends and see what's going on. What came up on my homepage was shocking to me my childhood best friend who I had been planting little seeds for God in her. She to my horror had posted a semi nude photo of her modeling with another female on her page. My heart sank. I didn't tell my husband until later on that night after my research and we were in bed. I tried to deliver the bad news as gently as I could. Of course He was in shock just like me and He went straight to anger and he accused me and said I should talk to her basically in a sense blaming me for what happened. I thought to myself gosh I don't even know where to begin I just found out myself and wished I hadn't. In recent days everything looked fine for her she was going to church and found out she was doing make-up for a modeling company (which I didn't think was for semi porn). Anyway the dream: I was in a flee market type setting and I desperately needed paper towels because I spilled something in my booth. (funny I had spilled a whole pitcher of water on my floor last night and didn't have anything to wipe it up with had to use a bath towel) I looked around and saw there was an old lady selling a paper towel holder with a roll of paper towels on it. I walked over and asked her if I could borrow some of her paper towels and she said "NO" almost screaming at me in a grouchy tone she said I would have to buy them and the paper towel holder too. I had no money with me. I was left feeling so totally helpless and I began to cry. I'm not really not sure about the meeting but I was still crying and the cowboy asked me what was wrong. So not really looking in his face but hearing the true concern in his voice I explained to him I really needed paper towels and that I asked the mean lady over there if I could barrow some and she wanted me to buy them and I had no money of course bawling uncontrolably the whole time. Without a word He walked away and cut through the long line at the mean ladies booth and got straight in her face and asked how much she wanted for the roll of paper towels and the paper towel holder. I heard her say $2.00. I followed him and watched in disbelief at his utter boldness and charity. The cowboy paid the money to the mean lady by that time he was done I was standing directly behind him and he turned and he handed me the paper towel holder with the roll of paper towels on it. He had so much kindness in his eyes and face he seemed familiar somehow. The feelings that I had had before completely disappeared and I was left feeling a complete piece of mind and a sureness I never had before I didn't know who the cowboy was but I knew who he represented to me when I woke up.
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