Very weird dream! Possible script idea???

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Very weird dream! Possible script idea???

Post by Jasmine on Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:06 am

It was like a science fiction dream, but at the end. I was in my house with my extended maternal family and some other people. One of teenagers that used to go to my old school, helping around the house. My mom kept calling him Marcus even though that wasn't his name. My mom asked us if we wanted some oatmeal thing. So she ordered it and left the door open for the delivery guy. The air was making the door move a lot. Supposedly, it was winter or almost winter. Then a squirrel (looked more like a raccoon or a possum) ran inside and ran upstairs. My mom had "Marcus" look for it upstairs. He couldn't find it. I was scared, thinking it could hurt us. Then I got embarrassed, thinking he saw my messy room. Then he played helped my sister play this game on her phone. I was trying to help but my sister got annoyed. So, I went upstairs to look for the animal. I was in my room checking the draws. When I opened one draw, this weird sound came out and when I tried to close it I couldn't. I went down stairs to tell "Marcus" I found the animal. When I was down stairs, I decided not to tell him. I was to caught up in the fact that my mom picked up the oatmeal and put it on the table. It had been lying in the porch. She took it to the table and it looked weird. I felt like I was translated to a fine dining restaurant. What came in the "oatmeal package" was bread and tuna fish. I didn't like tuna fish sandwich so I added a much of stuff to it. I never ate the sandwich some thing happened instead and I can't remember it. Then the scene changed again and I was in this place that looked like the place I go for physical therapy. Instead, it had something to do with my old school. The principal that got fired was still hanging around with the teachers. Even the teachers were joking about that fact. The scene changed and I was in some tropical place on vacation (Hawaii i guess for Thanksgiving Day). I had to to a project that my old home room teacher gave us, Mr.M. It had something to do with the mind of a mentally disabled adult. It was like a bunch of drawings. I was talking to a mentally disabled man working at a shack on or near the beach. He came up with the title, "I know abo wha love is." The scene changed and I was back in Mr.M's classroom. He called me up to give him my report. I was looking for it, trying to make sure I had all the papers. I handed the report to him. I was beginning to walk back to my seat, but then I walked back to the teacher wanting to tell him something. He was complimenting another persons project. Then he turned to me. "Yes?" he asked. I shuddered. "Do you want to know what I think about your report?" he asked. "No," I said, "I just wanted to say an actual mentally disabled person came up with the title." He toke out a blank paper and asked me some questions regarding what should he draw or what I liked, something like that. He was getting excited about the painting. It was finished and he put it in back of my report. I guessed I missed a page. A sad sounding song was playing in the background. Then he disappeared. I thought that he figured out a way to leave this place or dimension. He was unhappy. I looked at the page he drew and on one side it said "Mr. Dislikes...". It was a word that stated with and e and I forgot it. He had misspelled Mr. I was afraid to change it cause he would get med. It was obviously a ridiculous thought. The scene changed, and it was a forest during autumn. The police were there to. I was outside my body. They wanted to know What happened to Mr.M. I said I wasn't mentally capable of being a witness. I knew that because if I had told then the truth the wouldn't believe me.
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