birds, women and chasing..what do you think.

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birds, women and chasing..what do you think.

Post by globalhealth4 on Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:21 am

In this particular dream, It was me, my Mother and my Grandmother which is my moms biological mom standing next to one another with our arms around each other as if we were getting ready to take a picture. We were standing outside it seemed like and I could see the skyline was night-time and the stars were sparkling. We seemed to focus our attention on a tree which only had one branch no leaves..and a huge black owl was staring right at me moving his head from side to side. We all were quite and also intrigued by it. I was wondering in my thoughts in this dream, "what is this owl trying to say to me?" Then the owl leaned forward as we leaned backward from it and then all of a sudden the owl transformed into a long necked swan or geese of some sort. And at that moment we all took off running as it chased us all. He was also black. (swan)

I prayed about this dream and for days no avail. I then began to read and continue to ask God about it. I then took what I know of the color and the meaning of certain animals..and I came to the conclusion that Black respresents the spirit and the changing of animals meant change of state..but what? I do not know. Then the owl for me as a believer(I say that because my MIL is Hindu and they seem to believe that owls in dreams mean death.), meant wisdom while the swan meant grace. So, wisdom and grace was staring me in the face but I seemed to run from it.

But no clue on the reason my Mother and her Mother were there? So, if you have a say so, feel free to do so.

thank you guys and have a great day on purpose!

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