clothing in dreams?

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clothing in dreams?

Post by shany on Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:26 pm

I dreamed that someone was shopping for me. It was suppose to be a surprise i think because they told me they were not going to buy me anything. When i went to the shopping cart it was full of clothes for me. The clothes were lovely. Things that stood out in the dream were a coat and shoes. the coat was deep beige. I remember looking at the coat and saying this wont fit me and told the person to get another, but i tried it on and it fit. i also remember trying to find shoes to match the clothing i had on under the coat. I remember trying on purple and orange shoes. I also remember some picking out a dress for my daughter and the dress they picked out was similar to one she already had and i was no dont get her that because she has one similar. So my mother went and got her this ugly(it was ugly to me) lime green and white dress with flowers on it. I was like where is she going with that.

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