New Dream: Tornado, train, mud storm, and doorless house!

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New Dream: Tornado, train, mud storm, and doorless house!

Post by owleyes7 on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:20 pm

The first part of the dream is me and (i'm guessing) my family in what seemed to me like an apartment. Some how we saw a tornado coming towards our building and so I yelled for everyone to get into the bathroom (being that it was the only windowless room in the house). We were all just sitting in the bathroom and then the dream shifted to me and some friends on a train (not the subway but like a real train). It started to rain and storm while we were on the train and then there was mud dripping and flooding (it looked like chocolate) everywhere outside (meanwhile the train is still going). The train starts slipping on the tracks a little but it stayed on course. We were all scared so I started to pray in the Spirit (in tongues) and a voice (God) told me to go to car 38. So, I gathered everyone and we started hopping the cars until we got to one marked 31. I remember us pausing there and looking at the number for a second, then we continued to walk. When we got to the car marked 38, we stopped there. Up until the 38th car, I was leading the way, but then a guy got infront of me to open the door for car 38, but it was jammed a little and the lights were out. We were afraid that the car was locked from the inside, but he yanked/pulled on it harder and it popped open. We were relieved and then I realized that no one else but us were on the WHOLE train.

Then the dream shifted to us walking into this doorless house. It was decorated in blues and grays and it was very inviting. Instead of a door it was just like a wide open door frame that lead straight into the living room where there was a couch and chairs . We walked around for a bit and I felt like the place was unfamiliar and a place that we were supposed to be, but not the place we were headed on the train. I felt like if it wasn't for that rain/mudstorm we wouldn't have been at that house.
The end.

I felt kind of scared/anxious when I woke up afterwards. My heart was beating like i'd been running or something.
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