I Plunged Off The Road!

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I Plunged Off The Road!

Post by ispeaktheword on Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:28 pm

Hi Everyone!


I was naked driving a suv/truck at night. I was trying to get to my destination because I needed to get something. I was driving fast and kind of reckless with no seatbelt on (irl I always wear my seatbelt). I realized I was going in the wrong direction so I turned around to head back.

As I'm driving Im coming upon a blind spot. I could tell that the road ended there. A voice (the Lord) said," this is the enemy, he wants to kill you". God said drive straight no matter what! I did. I drove off the road and was high up like plunging to my death. I kept steering straight even though I was in mid air.

I landed on a steel beam. The car was gone. Now my son is with me he is 5 yrs (name means God Fearing). We were extremely high up, seemed like clouds below. I was terrified. My son kept jumping from one side of a beam to another. I said stop before you fall! He did it again and he fell. OMG! I saw my son plunge. I was so hurt! Before I could even cry, this man who I believe was an Angel came up out of the clouds really fast with my son and placed him back on the beam safely. He was a Caucasian man with a buzz cut and jeans on. After he dropped my son off the angel turned into a teenage girl and went with some other young people that were higher up from where I was.

My heart was racing. I cried out thank you's to God. It was so overwhelming. This man was there. Seemed like he was talking to God. He said, "wow, only one other person in the world has had this experience, now she is the 2nd. That says a lot about this young lady." It was like a big deal.. Then I woke up.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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