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Naked Bath

Post by tFlimaat on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:50 am

I had this dream when I first surrendared my life to Christ. I was standing across the street from my church where I could see the marquee, as it is an old movie thearter. I could read the letters clearly. It was early morning and the sun was shining with that glow I like to call God's glory light. The street was completely empty. It was as it would be Saturday mornings when I am going to the church to teach Bible Studies to the children. I wanted to take a bath but I knew the moment I stepped into the bath the Canaan Knights (as we call ourselves) would come out. I decided to take the bath and stepped into the tube (again across the street from the church). The tub was one of those old fashion white tubs which are not attached to anything. The moment I stepped into the tub and sat down the "who's, who" of Canaan surrounded my tub. They began to look down their noses at me and shaking their heads. I felt dejected and rejected. I looked up and my mother was standing with a towel opened so that I could cover myself. I stood up and she gave me the towel to cover up. As I looked past my mother my Pastor was standing there and he was tellling me it's alright. He was reassuring me and encouraging me. He motioned for me to go into the church upstairs in Founders Hall where we teach Bible studies to the children and have banquets and celebrations. I was then upstairs in Founders Hall and two sister's in Christ were there in white nurses dresses. One face I saw the other was just a presence that was helping but I never saw. The one sister in Christ that I saw she was very helpful and caring. I was standing as if I couldn't do anything for myself. She and the unknown presence lifted my arms, slipped on my gown and helped me in every way. Founders Hall was set up like a hospital room. It was all white. There was a bed, chair and basin. While my sister in Christ was helping me a brother in Christ which she was seeing came to the door and asked to see her. Where he was was very dark. She went out to see him and he gave her papers. He began kissing her with his eyes open and he was looking in the room where I was. Although I was in the room I seemed to also be in the hallway where they were and felt as if he was looking at me to see if I was lookig at him.

Insight to my church it is a who's who church with social cliques. I know God has directed me here and continues to tell me to stay put. I love my pastor and he has a very loving heart. I know he knows who I am and knows God is moving in my life however I receive no spiritual support from anyone. There is no direction given outside of Bible Studies in various forms. I pray for the movement of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way within the Church however I know we need to surrendar to God and His will. God has told me He will reveal His Spirit to us as He did in Exodus 19. I want this and have to stand on II Chronicles 20:15. I think I understand some of the dream but am unclear on other parts of the dream.

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