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I was on my way home on the bus I used to take to and from elementary school. I was on the bus with some people who I am no longer friends with and my oldest brother (who is not a believer or how I see it angry with God). I felt a tension between me and them and although they were using words against me I don't remember a conversation. The bus was well lite however outside was extreamly dark. We were all in the back of the bus however my brother was standing at the door as our stop was the next stop. We got off the bus with my brother some distance between us. I crossed 233rd street and saw my brother turning down Ely Ave. I turned down Ely Ave and saw my brother laying on the ground. I approached him and picked him up by his head at which point I saw that all he had was his head. It had a winter hood with the fake fure around the brim. I cradled him in my arms as you would a baby. I asked him what happened. He said he cut his head off and he began to cry. I felt his tears running down my arm. I asked him if he left his body on the bus and he said yes. I turned and began walking in the direction of the bus route. I kept asking why he did this and he didn't answer me. I began to look for a police car in order to get to the bus before my brother passed away.

I have prayed for my brother and God has assured me he will be saved. The dream was so upsetting and I felt so sad when I woke up. I have been in prayer for understanding if it was from God or satan. I am confused because although outside was very dark the bus was bright and well lite. I know my brother believes in God because when I ask him if he believes although he says no there is such anger and hostility in his no. I only asked him once and I thought if I wasn't his siter he would have physically attacked me. I believe you can't be that angry in something you do not believe in. I know God is working in my life and has a calling that I don't quite understand yet but I am being still Psalm 46:10 as He has directed me.

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