The Wedding

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The Wedding

Post by tFlimaat on Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:01 am

I was in a yellow taxi sitting in the back seat with one of my sister's in Christ. We both had on wedding dresses. There was a lot of lace where we had to hold it down with our hands. We were lauging and very happy. The taxi pulled up to the block where our church was on. It stopped at the corner of 116th street and Lenox Avenue. Our church is on 116th Street but towards the middle of the block. I got out on the side where our church was and began to turn to walk to the church. My sister grabbed my hand and said no this way. We headed in the opposite direction from the church. When we crossed the street it wasn't the other side of 116th street but it was the opening to Central Park at 110th Street. There were wooden horses set up to prevent any traffic from entering. As we ran past the wooden horses and I looked to my right there was a marching band standing there with there instruments prepared to play. They were all dressed in white and their instruments were made out of white marble. The band members were smiling at us and I was laughing, giddy and felt so happy. We continued to run and again to my right there were a tremendous white horse. It seemed to be happy as well. It was a beautiful day, bright and warm with beautiful trees and scenery. We approached a building and one of the Deacons in my church was standing at the door. He opened it and invited us in. When I entered the room it was like a school cafeteria and there were nothing but brides in their gowns sitting in the room. I sat at a table and then I began to feel hot and sticky. I started thinking I needed to take a shower because of all the running I did. I also wanted to put on some makeup but was afraid I would get it on my wedding gown. Then I woke up. I remember when I woke up I felt so happy but was concerened about my feeling sticky and unclean at the end as well as afraid I would get makeup on my wedding dress which.

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