Dreamt of a baby

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Dreamt of a baby

Post by ayngel on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:13 am

Hi....This is my second dream of a baby for my ex-husband (yeah :-( )
Both dreams my ex is still my ex. The first one he came to collect the baby for the weekend as part of his visitation, the baby was sleeping in my bed. The second dream I asked him where our third son was (I have two sons already by him), he told me in his car. I went to go get my third son, who looked about 3 months old and just held him to my chest. I felt so much love for him, he was so cute. The first dream I knew the baby was there but didn't see touch or feel him. The second dream I got to look at him and hold him :-)

Not sure if you can help me with an interpretation......

Thank you and God bless :-)

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