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fire of god

Post by rachel07 on Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:41 pm

my dream starts out with me walkn to the front and the lord told me i was gonna get a word from the speaker.. then he looked at me nervously and shook his head in fustraition and turned to the women who i use to know( she was always so overbearing, way older then me and controlling) she is kinda heavier in real life so it was weird seeing her wear like gypsy, harlot clothing.. but he turned to her instead and gave her my word.. and the word was that she knows who her future husband is..

then it switched to me worshipping and annointing was so strong that i did back flips and when i got up there was a hole ripped in the crotch of my pants like i was now exposed after the holy spirit touched me.. then i tried to hide it before the speaker came over.. then i said forget it and i told him and he said he didnt care and he hugged me and the power of god came on me soo strong.. and i got some healing..

then the conferance was over and i was in my last church parking lot and the speaker walked and sat right in the passanger front seat of MY car.. and i felt like i didnt want to offend him so i sat in the back seat behind the driver side.. then he started talkn to me.. and then grabbed my hand and i sat in the driver seat..

we drove to my grandmas old house where a teacher(in real life lives next to her) she gave me a beautiful necklace as a gift... it had flowers all over it but when u look closely it said #1 teacher and teacher stuff on it like apples(like stuff u give ur elementary teacher as a gift).. and it had teacher stuff all over it.. but u had to really squint ur eyes to see it... i thought to myself why did she give this to me im not a teacher.. only teachers get stuff like this

then when we drove to my dads.. the speaker (this man i knw in real life actually a guy friend) he had to meet my dad and talk with him mabe about us.. while i dropped him off i went to a house(in real life i live with my pastors in training to be a minister) and at this house it had my pastors' bathroom(in real life its my bathroom they let me use cuz i live with them) and i took a shower and i put on the same pants that had the crotch ripped but i looked down and it didnt bother me anymore and i put a white dress on over it.. it had little like roses all over it... i looked in the mirror wiped off the fog from the shower and said i look fine and was happy and went to pick up the guy from my dads house.. any ideas....

prior before this i was prayn to God about some things concerning this guy and some issues i have.. i need clarityyy

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