black alligator

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black alligator

Post by tabitha on Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:44 pm

this could be tied to my dreams in my previous post about my husband dying but i'm not sure.

last night i dreamt that i was with a few others and at least my oldest son in a lake ... close to the shore (about calf deep in the water). i saw something in the water and commented that it looked like an alligator (small compared to real life - about the size of beagle maybe but very round and black!). no one believed me. i insisted but again no one agreed with me. i watch it intently and know i'm right. we pretend like it's not there and for a while don't see it. then it comes back and i decide i'm not taking any chances. i know we have to be slow and nonchalant about getting out of the water but not to keep the alligator from knowing because he knew but because if we ran out quickly he would be allowed to attack. i tell my son some excuse on why we have to get out (i'm pretty sure i suggested we do something else fun for a while) and my son starts to come out ... he was out farther than me. i watch the alligator the whole time because i don't trust it. the closer my son gets to me the more i realize i'm going to have to act. i step toward him and pull him the rest of the way out right as the alligator tries to attack. he was literally a millimeter away from biting my son but he didn't succeed. we are safe on land now and the people with me are like "huh guess it really was an alligator" ... they acted like it was no big deal.
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