At a foreign border in India or Middle Easts dessert

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At a foreign border in India or Middle Easts dessert

Post by steadygaze on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:51 am

Blessings Beloved friends. I had a dream that seemed far away if that makes sense and as I was laying in bed I was remembering it and felt it was an important dream.


I got on this fast train and went into a foreign country that was less traveled. I got off at this border and I was the only person who was there and had to walk through this dessert alone to get to a church in the middle of no where. Then I walked back to where the border was after church to return back to the states. When I got to border I had lost my passport and other papers needed to pass the border and get on the train. It was like the border was where the train was. The border patrol guy was either Middle Eastern or Indian he was sitting at a table in the middle of this dessert where the border was and again I was the only person that seemed to exist. The border patrol guy told me I had to walk under this bridge and a ways to get on the other side to catch this train. So I began to walk under the bridge and around and then walked up these stairs to get to the other side.

Any insight?
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