Could this be part 2 of 3 mo. ol Talking Baby Post?!!

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Could this be part 2 of 3 mo. ol Talking Baby Post?!!

Post by chatia on Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:21 am

We were at an outing with alot of people. I had been introduced to some women I never seen before. I remember they all seemed nice enough.
My aunt and Uncle were there chatting with me. I had a three month old baby but for some reason was not visible at this point. There was a hail storm that was about to hit. We went running to our cars. The hail was coming down hard and fast. I got to my vehicle and the hood of my car was dented an the hail was just laying on it.. I then at that point I remembered the baby! I asked my Aunt and Uncle if they had seen it and they said no.. I told them that if there dad knew I had lost the baby He would be furious with me! I went frantically searching for the baby. For some reason I went to some day care center. when I had gone in I saw the women who I was introduced to earlier. This place was my only hope of finding the baby it seemed. I asked them if they had seen the baby and they said they had not. I totally lost it!! My Aunt and Uncle assured me all would be ok. I went home to wait there. I cried and cried and then cried some more. I heard a knock at the door and it was my Aunt and Uncle, they had no luck at all. They seemed to be comforting me when someone else came to the door. The man looked like my dad when he was a young man. (my dad is in heaven now. He passed away a few years ago) He had no shirt on and for some weird reason he had ripped up jeans (there was a hole in the crotch, at a glimpse I could see, well you know) He found the baby! My Aunt and Uncle told me there was a mix up at the day care, the baby was on the 2nd level there and they were not aware anyone was there. The man did not speak. After the baby was given back to me I started to nurse the baby and telling it how much I missed him. You could tell the baby was content and had a smile while he nursed.
I wonder since I had the dream of the 3 mo. old talking and now another dream with a baby same age if they are some how related.
Are there any thoughts?
In His Love Renee

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