Job Promotion

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Job Promotion

Post by BoundtoHim on Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:38 am

Dream I am working in office as administrative assist to Mr. Flockman (my old boss) he likes me, decides he is going to give me a raise and promoition. He takes me aside and says to me it's not because your the smartest, it's because you get the the bottom of things, figure things out. Then the ladies are helping me, they are moving the furniture around. Next I go into another room and a lady is hot headed, irate because her work area has been messed up, it's somekind of back area, behind the scenes, there is a drain area it is low lying, someone a worker has swept reddish debry in to the brink of this drain, it' appears about 6 feet deep and 5 feet wide maybe? she accuses me. I advise her this is not my work, to check the work list to see who signed in, she looks and see's it's "Ki....". I am relieved that I resolved that little delimma at the start of this new promotion.

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