swinging from vines and vine like creature.

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swinging from vines and vine like creature.

Post by shany on Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:24 pm

I remember swinging on this vine from this huge tree. I mean i was a professional vine swinger. That's how good i was. It was like i was an acrobat or something. I remember having fun doing it and laughing. I remember working my hands around and through the vines and doing a lot of tricks. Some of the vines were tangled don't know if it meant anything. Then the scene shifts to a class room. And this huge vine like creature came in it looked like half robot and the rest of him was made out of vines. I remember being afraid of him I don't know if it was because of its appearance. The creature was the teacher and we were the students. And he left certain instructions for us but i can't remember what the instructions were exactly. All i remember was people started to leave the classroom and i was begging them not to leave before 5. It was like they had to write down on a piece of paper what time they left. I remember one guy writing down 4:52 and i beg him pls don't leave before 5. We had to leave exactly at 5. No one was listening to me. As they wrote their time on this paper i remember seeing like a digital picture come out of a slot of the desk. I remember some trying to right down 5:02 and i was like that wont work u are still leaving ahead of time and he will know, pls don't leave before 5. I was really pleading with these people. When he came back i remember him pushing all who left before time. It was like he turned them into dust(i can't really explain it). Then he came to me and said let me see what u did. It was me and someone else that completed what he wanted. The person on the side of me work pile was higher than mine, but he was still pleased with mine and i remember feeling happy or almost proud getting praise from this creature.

*note* there were also demonic activity going on in my room. Can that affect my dreams? My friend who can see these things told me there was something flying around in my room and shadows walking around. I usually hear things not see. I'm new to this dreaming stuff, so pls bare with me cause I am really dreaming alot these days.

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