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This drea was not near in the beginning, but i was outside and i knew something bad was coming it was a battle. I was reading book and then practicing the fight moves. The drea the switch and i was with a small group that was preparing to go on a mission we had spiritual powers and we were dressed all in plack. i had the impression of flying out to the demons/aliens territory but we got attacked there were a few casualties but we made it out and retured back to the housing complex area to regroup and plan. I remember hearing that where we were was one of the largest areas that the demons/aliens had not destroyed. they were also getting ready to converge on our area. so one attacked the village and i had a throwing hook that I was trying to wrap around its long neck this demon/alien was huge taking up 2-3 blocks of houses and i was standing on a tall building. It was night and dark there were flames and burning houses and the demon/alien turned and looked at me and spoke something along these lines "I know what you have, you think i cant see what you are hiding? It will be mine." I then was able to wrap the hook around its neck and took its head off. then the dream switched me and the "special" group was gathering up the survivers to move them out of the destroyed area. we had the strongest of us to go before the group then the next two and then the last bringing up the rear. At this part i was watching everyone to make sure they were ok and protecting them as the filed out.
Then I woke up

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