A two-Fold Dream

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A two-Fold Dream

Post by Halo on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:42 am

This is a two fold message.
I had these two dreams a couple of nights ago (back to back). I wrote them down and therefore saved them.I have some thoughts, but I am needing conformation. I dreampt I was lying in a bed (environment unknown) on my stomach, with a male to the right of me and another male to the left of me. The male on the left was awake and the other was asleep. I was well aware of this pressence in the hall out -side of the bedroom. I felt like I was lying low-therefore being motionless-being very care to not be detected by this evil pressence. I remember lying there and being able to detect this things wher-abouts at all times-it would move about in the other parts of the house, I could sense this thing know where we was, but was waiting. The man to my left gave me two pictures (of all the times to look at pictures) I took the two photos in my hand, And took a good look at them, a man in one picture with light colored hair, kinda heavy-set, young fellow. The other picture, was a women, with black curly hair-80's style, heavy set, yonger lady, both appeared to be late 20's, but these pictures were like school-photoes-not snapshots. That very fraction of a second, That evil spirit know the pictures had exchanged hands, I could feel it comming down the hallway, so I quickly hide the pictures in the mattress (in a slit place in the hem) just in the nike of time. We were still lying in bed, in the same position. This thing enters the room, and walks up beside the bed, I knew it was there, but I sure did'nt wont to look at it, I kneeeeew it was ugly. I did'nt have a fear for my safety, but I had a fear for the two in the photoes. I knew it was looking for these two people.
On the flip-side, I appeared in this neighborhood at the back of this house, where a man was standing on the back porch shaking the dust out of his shoes, so I turned the corner with the house still in view-an old home stead, I begain to look underneath the house, and there upon discovery the house was sitting on railroad tracks, cut in pieces, the length of the house-it was very clean under there. So I proceded onward and came upon the back side of a locamotive, that was no longer in use, but was being used for a homestead. There sitting on the side, up top, on the end was this folk art carving,of an old timer, painted black-full size of a man , sitting there with his foot right foot on a lever, and a movement from underneath this locamotive caught my eye, there was a man working on this thing, He had tools in his hand, he swang this huge steel piece upward-silver in color, very heavy, and pulled this tear -shaped piece of steel down with a hole in the middle of it, it was stile atached to the locamotive, He sat in it and begain to swang back and forth. When I awake, I remember the feeling of this; What, Where, When & How?

Dream Team, can you take crack at this one?
I am very much wide open to any thoughts.
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