Repost:(need interpretation)leaving my job and finding a banquet prepared with a woman seated at the table.

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Repost:(need interpretation)leaving my job and finding a banquet prepared with a woman seated at the table.

Post by bloodybrilliant1974 on Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:42 am

I am walking outside of a building south bound along the western wall. It reminds me of a secure military compound I worked in when I was in the Air Force. As I near the entrance door located on the south face of the building I see one of my current supervisors on the police department standing outside the doorway. He is wearing an Air Force uniform(even though he is really a police officer). He tells me that he is really wishing I would stay with them at the job I was leaving. I told him thanks but I was quite happy where I was headed.(the man in real life is not a Christian and is very much living a sin-filled life). He says that if I ever change my mind the offer still stands. I politely refuse and enter into the building. Once inside I get past the entry point and begin walking north down a long dark hallway(about 20-30 feet). At the end of the hallway was a doorway that opened into a well lit room. As I entered the room I observed a very large table directly in front of me that almost took up the entire room(6-7 feet wide and 14-18 feet long) it was somewhat oval on the sides but square on the ends. I could not see the top of the table because it was covered with plates and containers of all kinds of food a looked to be a banquet prepared for a king(1-3 feet in height on top of the table). There was a woman seated at the right of me at the right side nearest to me at the corner of the table. She had a small keyboard that was attached to the underside of the table and a monitor on the side of the table with all the food. She was pretty. There were four people standing on the other side of the table. As I approached the side/center of the table (which was the nearest point to me) the four people on the opposite side exited the room out a door in the northern wall to the right. The woman was familar to me but I did not recognize her face(it is someone I know but it wasn't their face used in the dream). In the dream I knew that I had not seen her for awhile(a few months). I asked how she and a child that she was related to were doing. She said they were both doing well. We had small talk for a little bit which was enjoyable. Then a sound came across the headsets she was wearing. Her job was to listen to whatever came across the channel and type it into the computer. She could not understand what the voice was saying and began to look for books and notebooks to help her but nothing she found could help(they were on a shelf that was attached to the underside of the table next to her. I looked at her and motioned "what is it?" and suddenly I could hear what was on the frequency she was listening to. There was a voice that was absolute gibberish on the channel. Then suddenly a very clear authoratative voice came over the channel and began to speak to the first voice. It said "You are not authorized to be on this channel". The second voice was telling the first voice it had to get off the channel . As I heard this I realized even though I could hear the second voice clearly and recognize the first one as gibberish and just confusing ,the girl at the table was unable to understand either one of them. the dream ends.

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