Warning from the Lord- the time to reveal is NOW!

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Warning from the Lord- the time to reveal is NOW!

Post by sraines11 on Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:16 am

This is a dream the Lord brought to me several years ago- But, I feel the Holy Spirit demanding that it be revealed NOW. *emphasis-now, now, now!!!!

In this dream I am the passenger in a small boat; probably like a john(?) boat. I am speeding through the water. The intense speed is frightening to me. I hear the voice of my Father and it immediately calms me. The Lord states, "I am the one at the helm of this boat- be calm." Suddenly this boat is pulled over to an embankment and I get out. Above me, I can see that there is a bridge and many young teenagers are on it. I walk up to them, spurred on by fear for them. *awareness- my mothering instincts have moved to the forefront, I MUST warn them. I let them know that it is too dangerous for them to be hanging out on a bridge- too dangerous! They are understanding, nodding their heads in agreement and state they will leave. As I start to turn and leave, I hear one cry out in fear and pain. I turn back and one of them is pointing across the water- to the other side of the water. Across from me, on the other side of the water, is the New York skyline. *awareness- this is New York- (I have never been there, but it is a knowing in the Spirit.) Now all the children are screaming and crying. I first see a steepled building, one that resembles a church, and it is on fire. Great clouds of black smoke are pluming up its' sides. Close in proximity to this building are two other buildings. One is round in shape and the other one is simply square. As we watch, the other two buildings catch fire. (All three of these buildings have their fires start at the base of the structure.) There is total destruction and death.

*When I was given this dream- several years back, I was distraught. Almost angry at my Dad for sending this to such a worm as me. What do You want me to do???? Do I warn them? Will they think me crazy? If I do warn them, will they even heed it? The "unrest" in me was immense. (As I write this now- I'm re-living this anxiety.) The tears kept coming, and I could not eat. I revealed this dream to my husband and he advised me to take this to our pastor. My pastor took this to another pastor; a mentor of his. They both advised me to report this to the ATF hotline. When I did, the PEACE came. I have asked God for interp. of this dream- the steps he took me to to interp. this- are, in them selves, amazing! The steepled building is the Chrysler building. The other two I do not have clear identity on. (The actual interp. did not come for a year.) When God did bring it back to my memory- that is when he revealed the identity of the steepled building. The Abu Dhabi, a middle eastern investment group, had just purchased the building- the DAY before the Lord revealed its' identity.

Please pray all. To God be the Glory!

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Re: Warning from the Lord- the time to reveal is NOW!

Post by daphanie02 on Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:31 am

:WOW: praying

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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