A man after me, and making a new start.

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A man after me, and making a new start.

Post by steadygaze on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:55 am

Hello and blessings


I moved some where to have a fresh start because I was dealing with a man who was coming after me or something.( Not sure exactly why except the man was abusive or something.) so I moved to this little town and met a nice lady who knew a man who was starting a new store. The nice man hired me to help him in his store. Myself and the man went into the store to fix it up because it had junk every where it looked like a storm hit it. As we were cleaning it I asked the man for instruction on where to put things and then it began to rain inside the store, I think the roof was partly torn off or something. The abusive man found where I was and was coming after me, so the nice lady came to warn me and hide me, because she wanted to protect me from harm.

Interesting dream. scratching chin
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