Annoiting, Blessing and Ministry work please read and help me

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Annoiting, Blessing and Ministry work please read and help me

Post by daughterofgod1023 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:09 am

I had two dreams last night however, I can only remember the first one right now...They were both awesome.

Dream 1:

We were in a house somewhere and my brother was moving to Tallapoosa, Ga. Our mom was there (which has been passed away since 2004), our dad, B.J. (his wife), M.E. (his ex wife), and Justin(his ex wife's brother), me and my husband. I found out while we were seeing him off that I was pregnant. Within what seemed like a few brief moments I was delivering. I had a set of twin baby girls that was joined together in the head for a minute, Then they seperated and were completely fine.I also had a twin set of boys and they were all perfect. We went to a church a used to go tooand there behind the pulpit was a highly annoited man of God talking, He began talking about ordaining people. The ones I saw was my daughter, the pastor's daughter, myself, my husband and my son, there was more in line but I couldn't see who they were.After we were all ordained more than half of the church began to follow me, because the pastor started running his mouth inappropriately toward the congregation. And all that was with me ripped the stage where the pulpit was out under him.The ones that were following him were very few people. As the dream went on, I was preaching to the congregation and then people began to calm down. They began to praise the Lord. I noticed that the pastor's daughter was one of the people in my group-which was strange at that point. I saw a man I knew going into what looked llike a barn and I tried to stop him because I thought he would get hurt. He told me to look inside and as I looked it was some kind of fancy office. I said ok and I walked off...Walking back toward where the people were I saw another door on my right and as I stepped inside it was the inside of a tattered barn with some places in the floor that were holes covered with hay. And I looked behind me and the people that I had been preaching too was right behind me.....praying :PTL: To God Be The Glory!!!

Thank You for helping me....
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