Travelling on a School Bus

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Travelling on a School Bus

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:35 pm

Hello, All -

This is the 2nd dream I've had regarding a ride on a school bus. There are 3 parts:

I'm sitting in the back of a school bus, sharing a seat with a friend from my high school years. Looking at the driver, it seems that he doesn't know what he's doing. While stopped in traffic, the bus begins to roll forward and I see that the driver is asleep. I shout out "Stop!" but the bus hits the cars in front of us. Due to the sudden stop, cars behind us hit the bus as well. The driver makes his way to the back of the bus from the outside to check things out. While outside, the bus begins to move, again, and I call out to the students near the front to take the wheel since the driver is outside. No responds, and suddenly the driver appears at the front of the bus and resumes his place in the driver's seat. With that, we're on our way.
During the ride, a girl (also from my high school years) whom I was only faintly acquainted with asked to join us in our seat. I pointed out that there wasn't room, so she asks to sit in front of me, but still in our seat, sort of in my lap with her back to me, and also for me to hold her securely with my arms (I hope that makes sense!). The whole position isn't anything "intimate," it's entirely about security/comfort. The bus ride continues while in this position, and another friend brings to my attention that we're not travelling where he thought we'd be going, and looking out the window I see that we're somewhere out in the country.
We finally arrive at an unfamiliar house in the country. The girl kisses me on the cheek - once again, no intimate feeling...more like a "thank you" - and we make out way across the yard of this house. At the door, we're met by an older, Asian gentleman and are let into the house. The door leads to the kitchen, and I notice a small run on the floor that needs some straightening out, which I take care of. After doing so, we're joined by the man's wife (also Asian), and the dream ends.

Please feel free to share whatever thoughts you have!

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