Can you interpret a dream for me

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Can you interpret a dream for me

Post by Celicia on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:40 pm

Hi, my name is lisa. Can you interpret a dream for me. I dreamt I was at a church, it was not our church, and while i was worshiping someone came and handed me a baby I took the baby then look around to see who it was but they were gone. I said, oh well they must trust me enough to let me watch their baby, then the choir got up to sing, they all had on white tops and black bottoms, the seats were light blue, Beverly was last to go up and i said, I didn't know we were singing, what are we singing. Bev said I don't know but come on you probably know the songs. I walked over to a row of seats where i was sitting and there were 2 youth sitting there I attempted to give them the baby so I could go and sing, but they were not paying attention so i said I'll just watch the baby it's too late to sing anyway the choir is already up there. So i sat down next to the teenagers with the baby and that was it.

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