Head Injury

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Head Injury

Post by ezerkenegdo on Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:02 pm

This one troubled me...came after the Shoe dream and before the Brown Dinner dream. I've since gotten some revelation on it, but would really like some confirmation if you have some thoughts.

I was in a classroom and class had been dismissed. I had a backpack, I remember trying to fit stuff in it (like books, folders), and as I left, I had my empty cup in my hand to throw away and noticed other cups on desks thinking they were trash and I was going to throw them away too, but realized they were sports bottles and the like, so I left them. The teacher was still at the desk and was someone I think I knew, but I can't remember now who it was.

Next, I was following the flow of students going between buildings, heading for the busses. It was sort of gloomy outside and cold. I ended up walking alongside an administrator I served with at my old church and had the sense that had happened before. We talked a bit and she was talking about something being wrong with her or her mother (her mother recently died in real life I believe). She walked on ahead saying she had other things to do.

I ended up in what seemed to be a private garage, where a line of students extended down the drive to the curb, waiting for the bus. A woman (presumably the homeowner) came and got in her car and said something, but I don't remember what it was.

Next, I was standing behind a bus that had partially unloaded (it was sunny) at some other building. Some of us had gotten off and were goofing around and a man fell and hit his head and seemed to be in a coma. I felt bad because I thought maybe it was my fault since we were horsing around and we had bumped into each other and he fell. I remember telling people I thought he needed to go to the hospital over and over. Finally, I called to the people in the bus and asked if there were any nurses or anything, and a woman and a man were there and started looking him over. The woman was at his head to my left, which I was cradling in my lap. The man (kind of youngish) was moving around assessing him. They both had stethoscopes, and the man spoke to me. The woman looked at me kind of strangely and taped his eyes and mouth shut.

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