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Dream Interpretation

Post by Jessymay on Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:22 am

Someone came to me a couple of days with a "word" and "a dream that followed that word".

First the "word" was that No one is goin to steal your boat.

The dream was as follows:

I was with several unidentified people and with my friend Joe (Joe by the way is the one who had the word and the dream). He said that I had this picture of a snake that I was showing everyone and I was really afraid of it. I had seen it when I fell out of my boat or had my boat taken away from me...he couldn't remember which. He said the snake was really beautiful. When I fell out of the boat I saw the snake and I was afraid, yet I took a picture of it and was showing everyone.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time.

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