Huge mansion and a trip to an exotic island

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Huge mansion and a trip to an exotic island

Post by MrsLena on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:49 am

Due to the season that we are in of breakthrough harvest. I gained further revelation of Godís redemptive grace and I asked Him to reveal more to me and He did. Please see my dream below I had in May and Iíd appreciate any further insight that you may add on to it.

In the dream my sister and I were living in a big mansion. We had servants and people waiting on us, running around us. I told her not to trust this people, that I dont trust them and she appeared surprised because they looked like they were good people.
The next scene, my sister, bro and mother were discussing a dream exotic island that we had heard so much about. Immediately we decided that we were going to go there on vacation and bought tickets that very moment at the airport. Our flight was for about 8 something pm, and so we had a few hrs to wait and so we were walking down the terminal. There were also some others with us and we were excited and had a lot of luggage. Then I laughed and quickly reminded them that I am married now, and silly me didnt bother calling my husband to discuss before, but anyway Iíll let him know now. We all laughed as to what to tell him about how I immediately decided to travel to some exotic island on vacation (It sounded like the airline agent told me "ChanChan" or sometime that sounds like it). I then proceeded to call him.
I shared the dream with my sister (who is also a believer) and she shared the same interpretation with me. This was my 2nd dream in the past mth about getting ready to board a plane.

I believe God is saying that breakthrough is coming for my parents family. 8 to me stands for new beginnings (Aug is the number 8), and the house to me means its a spacious place, that which we have dreamed about.
Suitcases to me appears to mean "moving on". The new level will draw people around who we will need to be careful about. The breakthrough is such that everyone will be affected and itíll enable all to go to the next level because the breakthrough will be too much, a collective breakthrough.

A few mths ago, there was a prophetic word for my dad that something big is coming his way, that its big big big, bigger than he has ever known. Something bigger than what he even had previously thought about. I shared it to him and along with him, Iíve been calling that forth for him. We also individually have our own individual breakthroughs that we are believing God for.

I googled "ChanChan" to see if such a place exists and what is said about it. I found one spelt the same way and it is considered a fertile ancient place and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Any input will be greatly appreciated. God bless you all.

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