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Walking hand in hand

Post by ladytzedy on Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:45 am

Hello fellow dreamers!!

a few nights ago I had a dream that I was in a building which looked more like a giant marque but it was big enough to be a building (it felt like church but am not sure now). It was white and the material was not made of canvas but material so it was really flowing. In this tent were also many rooms also made of the same material. i was full of people. I then bumped into this guy from my church I like and realised he had gained a bit of weight.

We were both smiling at eachother and I said to him "you've put on weight" to which he argued against but in a joky manner and still smiling and I argued back also smiling. I'm not sure if he took off his t-shirt or I did (it was bright yellow in colour) and I said see and started jiggling his sides while he was looking in the mirror we were both still laughing. All of a sudden his jogging bottoms dropped and he was exposed so I quickly turned and hid. I then got a bit annoyed and just said something to him pretty much blamining him for not tightening up his jogging bottoms but I was actually more annoyed that he let this happen yet I was not his girlfriend.

I then stood up still not facing him and he was quiet coz for some reason he knew what I really meant. He then came to me and embraced me (he had dressed himself) and I relaxed in his arms but got self conscious and didn't want my chin to touch is harm (sometimes have a hairy chin). He then pulled me away so we could find some where to be alone and he would kiss me, but every where he looked there were people. at one point I realised I was leading him so I stopped and let him lead so eventually we had to go outside. It was a sunny day and I walked straight into the shade of this massive tree. I walked past one of the elder's wives (they have now moved to america) but was not sure how she would respond if she saw us and not sure if he would want people to know, but as we walked past her he held my hand and I knew at that point it was official, we were dating.

We then decided instead to go to the park but did not know the way so we got to a T junction I thought left and he said no let's go right I know we'll find a park this way. We walked past the buildings and eventually go to the park holding hands all the time. The park was a children's park and full of yellow and red coloured play areas. He then said I told you I'd find the park. We smiled and walked in and as we walked in, we walked past this man who looked dishevelled and his teeth were very tobacco stained infact his mouth was just dirty and said to us, "wow, they allowed you to get married? I guess there are some countries that will allow that" I tried to comfort my boyfriend but he beat me to it and said to me "people are always gonna say that." I agreed but realised I was still trying to be a know it all with him so I kept quiet and just held onto to his arm even tighter as we were now arm in arm and not hand in hand.

we then came across the end of the park and as we left the gate we saw an old friend of mine who started talking to us. I left him to talk to her and spoke to another firend who I haven't seen in years. We all had a fun time and laughed and I remember looking at him and being glad he could hang out with my friends and not be awkward. at one point my friend jumped on him and i thought to myself wait til she finds out he's my boyfriend which made me laugh even more (I was not jealous for the first time in ages). at this point I think we were both wearing yellow t-shirts.

I have some ideas but would really like your help!!

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