Rushing at breakfast

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Rushing at breakfast

Post by ladytzedy on Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:40 am

Hi everyone!!!

I dreamt I woke up early as usual to have breakfast and came downstairs and there were loads of people and so made breakfast for everyone. There was a variety so I took some but was worried bout the time to eat the breakfast. I ended up with 2 varieties of fries/chips (as we call them in england) they were both lovely but was so worried about time was not sure how to eat them. I distinctly remember I had 20mins to eat. There were also some people in the dream talking like my cousin giving telling me off and then giving her testimony to someone and another person complaining about how they have lost so much time on this person, so now is going to go to university.

I then woke up.

Can you help? :o)

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Re: Rushing at breakfast

Post by happiness80 on Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:54 pm


I just thought Id share some strong thoughts that came to me as I read your dream

I thought breakfast is an important meal of the day for us and usually impacts the way we feel. I then thought about our Lord Jesus and how it is important we are drawing our strength from him. We all need to "stop" to spend some time being fed with his word and gaining strength from being in his presence.
Are you doing too many things at once and not spending enough time to "re-fuel" ie: reading his word, prayer and just generally spending time with Jesus? Or consider it this way, perhaps God is asking you to stop and take time to spend with him so you WILL have the energy to do all you have to do?

another person complaining about how they have lost so much time on this person, so now is going to go to university.

This made me think about activity or works again, where we can spend alot of time doing things that are not beneficial to us or the Lord or perhaps we think we are doing good things but its actual not what God has asked us to do...again we need to draw from the source and stopping to spend time in him and his word allows us to have our priorities right or allows us to see what we need to do and cutting out those things that just keep us busy and drain us.

Im not a dream interpreter please take these as thoughts and pray more for the meaning. Toss this if it does not sit well in your spirit :)

Blessings flower

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