Can you interpret this dream?

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Can you interpret this dream?

Post by SpiritandTruth on Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:43 am

Hello and God Bless You All!

This is my first post. It took me some time to figure out how to post this. I read the FAQ and it did not lead me here. I'm not sure - is this the correct spot to post questions on interpreting dreams, etc.?

This is the dream: A. Within a week of my mother passing away, I saw a large snake (like a boa constrictor). It was light/white in color and the scales were a pearlie color. It was not coiled but the only part of the body I saw was kinda rounded. There was no movement from the snake either, nor did I ever see the head or tail of the snake.

B. In front of the snake was a baby lamb with its back to the body of the snake. The lambs posture (standing on all fours) or facial expression did not indicate it was threatened or afraid. It was peaceful. The lamb was also white. I woke up and was not upset about the dream. I felt very peaceful.

Can anyone tell me the meaning?

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