Freddy Kruger - Is this the making of a new movie??

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Freddy Kruger - Is this the making of a new movie??

Post by rave2472k on Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:09 am

Ok.... I woke up several times but each time I woke I said to myself that I need to remember this dream..... seemed like a making of a new movie.... I thought to disregard this dream but it kept coming back. Ayhooooo..... here's the dream..... let me know of some thoughts...

I was walking into like a military base that was desolate. Not far away to the left was a two story like barracks and just to the right of that was a small concrete bunker looking thing. I felt like somebody like Freddy Kruger (from the horror movies) was persueing me. I wasn't running or scared. I'm now in between the bunker and the barracks. I thought if I hide in the bunker he (Freddy Kruger) would try to go thru and I could come out the other side and he'll be stuck in there for a few minutes. Then I said to myself "No, cuz I might get stuck." Freddy was coming, so I went into the barracks. In the center of the barracks was the main entry, a foyer type area. The doors were half glass with metal mesh in the glass, like the old school doors. I figured I could trap him in this area for a few minutes. I waited behind a door that had a stair well going up to the second floor. As he came into the foyer like area I made sure he saw me in the stairway. I figured he'll prob bust thru the mesh glass but it'll take 'em a few minutes. I quickly got up to the second floor, climbed out a window and dropped down to the ground. I walked towards the entrance and saw, to the right, there was a watch tower draped in camouflaged material. I thought if I climbed up in there then he would not see me and maybe go somewhere else. Then I said "Naw, then I might get stuck up there." As I came to the entrance, There was an Military Police (MP) officer. I told him about the dangerous mad man trapped in the foyer. The officer ran towards the area with his gun drawn.
While I was waiting for the MP to get back, a Security Officer (SO) showed up. He asked me some questions. I told him what was happening. As I was talking with the SO, we saw the MP walk towards us. It was a shadowy figure. To me, the figure was taller and larger from what I saw earlier of the MP. As the shadowy figure came towards us, I told the the SO that that was not the MP. The SO said sure it its cuz he's got on the uniform. I said "NO! Freddy killed the MP and is wearing the uniform." By that time Freddy was very close to us. I snatched the SO's tonfa baton, he had no gun. I knocked the military hat off the MP to reveal the identity, it was Freddy. The SO got scared and ran off. With the tonfa baton, I quickly hit Freddy in the legs to bring him down then smashed his head to knock him out. I then grabbed his gun and shot twice towards his head. The gun was empty.
I was now in a place like a semi-tractor parking lot. I knew Freddy would be coming. I climbed on top of the trailers to get a better view. There were some other people that ran away that was on top of the trailers. I found a trailer that had some huge heavy pipes. I cut some bands that were holding the pipes. I waited for Freddy to come by. As he came right where the I was above him, I cut the last band/rope which caused the pipes to roll on top of Freddy, crushing him to death (MAYBE).
Then, I walked down the highway towards a McD's.

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