Nursing kittens

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Nursing kittens

Post by natalie on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:47 am

I had two dreams last night about nursing kittens. In the first dream I was taking care of an orphaned black and white kitten and loved it like it was a real baby. My shelter for him was in the head of the horse wich was like a den, a wolf pelt without the head, and a full lion pelt in wich were sewn togeather as a blanket. (It might seem strange but to me it seems very simbolic.) In the dream I knew that I should let the kitten go because he was almost ready to start learning to be on his own. So I left him in his little den and started to leave him to go back home but he became hystarical so I went back.
In the seccond dream, I dreamed that my cat had a litter of kittens but for some reason she needed for me to help her take care of them. Again I loved the little kittens as if they were my babies. The mother was black and the babies were all black, white,or a mixture of both. Then I had my birds out of their cage (apparently without fear of the mother or her kittens eating them) but these two other black cats came up and tried to eat the birds, and as I was throwing one cat out, the other black cat pounced onto one of the birds, but I got there just in time to grab the cat. The bird had already been scratched and bitten by the cat but amazingly lived. I have been dreaming about a black cat eating my birds for a few years now and I am eager to figure out what this symbolises. Sometimes in these dreams the birds die and sometimes I save them. Any insight would truly help.
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