Grandma passed away 2 days ago, last nite I dreamt about my dead brother woke up from the casket

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Grandma passed away 2 days ago, last nite I dreamt about my dead brother woke up from the casket

Post by mike on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:02 pm

Hi all,

My grandmother passed away 2 days ago, I went to the funeral. Last night, I had a dream about my dead brother who died 13 years ago. He was drowned in the beach, we were with cousins and an uncle, we were still kids. I couldn't do anything that time, and I rushed to the fishermen nearby, asked them to help my uncle to find my brother and my cousins. I felt really helpless. That's how he died in real life. Now, on to my dreams:

In the dream, I climbed a fortress made of steel (The surrounding area looked prehistoric). Upon reaching the top, I found my brother alive and with his hands tied to 2 poles on both side. I tried to release him, but failed. There were a lot of men on the ground and one of them (a friend that I barely knew in my real life) saw me and informed the men about me. One of the them climbed the fortress. Upon reaching the top, I pretended to be dead, he inspected me and then inspected my brother, during that time I escaped down to the ground.

Suddenly I'm back to my home town, walking around near the church (the church where my brother funeral mass was done in real life). I was waiting for something but I don't know what. Suddenly a hearse came out and I followed it to a secluded place. The door opened, I saw my mom and sister inside, but I didn't really look at their face expression. I went in and opened the casket, found my brother dead. There were traces on his lips like they were sewn together. It broke my heart that I couldn't save him on the fortress and I tried to wake him up in the casket. I failed and sat down.

Suddenly he started moving, and I took him out of the casket, hugged him, cleaned his face, he opened his eyes but he was not smiling at first. Then I touched his cheek and continued hugging him, and then he started smiling . I felt a great relief. I kept on looking at him. I wasn't sure if he was trying to speak or not because he smiled so big and looked happy although tired, until I suddenly realized in my dream that my brother was supposed to be dead in real life and I suddenly woke up from my dream.

To be honest, I do felt a great relief inside me now. As I managed to kept him alive in my dream. Please advise, and thanks in advanced.

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