BLUE STAR....any one know what this means

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BLUE STAR....any one know what this means

Post by WilliamP on Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:00 am

My dream started out with me an my girlfriend an my mom an her mom in an airport an her son was with us they were telling us not to go on the plane an i listened to them an her son had a bunch of girls rubbing all over him an he went on the plane an it blew then i went to see one of my friends an he was on the computer an the cpu blew up an a piece of the computer hit him in the back an he turned into a some kind of silver thing then he turned into some fat monstrous looking thing with a gold necklace with a blue star it looked like the north star kind of like this then some one came up an shot him in the head in front of every one but no one heard it was like a silencer on the gun an there were 2 holes in his head an i never seen that star any where before if any one could tell me what this means thank you an god bless
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