Riding my bike on water

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Riding my bike on water Empty Riding my bike on water

Post by Jordanriver8 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:13 am

In this dream I was riding my bicyle on shore and I saw this large cruiseliner ship in the distance and I could see that a tsunami wave was aiming right at it. I remember thinking " those people on the boat are in big trouble" and I started riding my bike towards them. Next thing I knew I was riding my bike on water. I managed to reach the ship in time and with one hand I guided the boat out of the way of the wave and with my other hand I was steering my bike. I remember hearing people laughing and singing on the boat and they weren't even aware of the danger they were in...I managed to push the boat to saftey and I arrived safely on the beach with my bike...End of my dream....Blessings...
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