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Post by morquoisejen on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:24 am

Hi there,

I'm just really starting out with trying to interpret my dreams - and Loving it! Another way that God can talk to me - amazing!! :)

I had one last night that is puzzling me a little and would love any input you guys would have to share!

I dreamt that I was supposed to buy a couple of tickets for me and my mum's friend Doreen. (I found out that Doreen means 'gold' or 'gift'. When I think of Doreen I think of a very kind and loving person but very stubborn and single minded. Which I can also relate to, I think). I'm not sure why Doreen was coming with me but I wanted to go see a band somewhere away from home. Going to see bands is not part of my waking lifestyle by the way, so not sure what that represents either.

However, I didn't buy the tickets as I found out there was a storm coming and the band had cancelled their gig. I forgot to tell Doreen that I hadn't bought the tickets, so when she called to find the details about our journey, she was really disappointed with me. Then suddenly I'm at the band with my husband but we leave because I wasn't comfortable as I was in my pyjamas which felt too revealing. Then Doreen and my mum decide to go away on holiday together but I vaguely remember feeling uneasy about it as it seemed too expensive to me.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Jen :)

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