HELP Over Size Pink Cobra Snake attacking my HOUSE!!!

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HELP Over Size Pink Cobra Snake attacking my HOUSE!!!

Post by daywolf7 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:06 am

I dreamt that I went to a home and the house was outside! It was muddy and dark and the table in which these two people were eating was outside also. I took a look around and noticed the batroom was outside and it had a wooden cover around it but was still visual. I looked inside the toilet and found a pink snake. I told the lady whom in did not know or recognize that she had a snake in her toilet. She said,"Ya I know just flush it we get those all time through the toilet." So I flushed it but it did not go away. So I kept flushing. Then I lelft the home. I came back to my house and noticed we had the same toilet only inside the house in our living room covered with wood but the toilet was still visual. I went casually up to our toilet and told my husband we had a pink snake in our toilet. I flushed like I did at the other house. BUt the pink snake only got bigger. Then I flushed again and the Snake got so big it overflowed from my toilet and turned out to be a Cobra. I screamed at the Cobra and told my husband to run. My husband began wrestling with the Cobra and I ran to my room and so did one of my boys Jacob. Then I heard my husband screaming that he needed Jacobs help(Jacob is only 12yrs. ) So Jacob went to help my husband fight the Cobra however, Jacob grab the Cobra's head hung it on a table and stuck it in their then the head was hanging he made sure the fangs hung out to release the poision and then strapped the head with a blindfold. I asked him if the Cobra was dead but Jacob did not answer instead he came by my side inside my bedroom. We were standing at the closed door of my bedroom we were both on the inside and I noticed a small baby pink Cobra crawling underneath my door I stumped on it put a green rag over it. I noticed its small teeth nashing at me. So I grabbed it. It bit the inside of my hand leaving to small fang bites the size of a paper cut. It hurt so much, I had killed the snake though. I quickly called to my husband and told him I was bitten and that I needed to go to the emergencey room. He didn't answer so I went to the living room were he was making a trap for the snake right above our door way in the front door it looked like pieces of wood almost look like a small box wit openings. I noticed his had was bandaged were the snake had bit him too. I could tell it was hurting him and the hand was becoming stiff, but he refused to stop working building the trap for the snake . He told me to call 911, I did and when they answered the phone they said, "Do you want to listen to Sammy Davis Jr. while you wait on hold," I hung up tried again at least 3 x, I grew desperate as I noticed my hands vens were turning pink and my hand was getting hard. I tried applying pressure and even thought I should bandage up like my husband so it won't hurt as much and so the poison can be blocked. BUt I didn't.

That was the end.!!!

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