black spider killed, superstition, believe in God & His Protection.

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black spider killed, superstition, believe in God & His Protection.

Post by MoniqueBrown on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:19 pm

I had a dream that i was like at some kind of get together with bands and alot of people, with alot of people. i talking to my mother and she turned around and was looking at her butt and she was happy that she was getting her butt back. She is flat and her butt was coming back right down the middle and she was so happy. Then i left her and was walking around and I saw my cousin and we was walking around the grounds,(I think its a college because there was a band playing and people watching them) we talking and holding hands. Then people were beginning to start acting like they were going to fight and we was trying to get away from around all that and we fell and he fell on top of me. I was thinking to myself .. why are you on top of me. Then we got up I was thinking i got to find my mom because its about to get bad out here. Then all of a sudden this girl came up in front of us and she was going off. He with me now and you cant have him. I was like this is my cousin . She still going off.. He mines and you cant have him. People was pulling her back from me . I still saying he my cousin. Then i turned and look back around the way because i am hearing gun shots (automatic). I thinking i got to get to mom and where is she. I went around the corner and it was two guys with automatic riffles shooting randomly everywhere. They was right next to me and im trying to get away while they spraying the walls and ground with bullets and I fell down on ground and they sprayed bullets at me but its like they where hitting the ground around my feet. I can feel them hitting the ground. Then one of them turned around to the wall behind him still shooting and I got up and ran. Then here come this girl again and then she pissed me off and i went to her in this building and as i was going up the stairs she was getting ready to pass by and I caught her by the neck at the top and as i hit the top step with my right hand and I picked her up and slammed her down hard on her back. I then I said hmm like a grunt. I let her go and she was in front of me again and I said move on she looked at me and turned and like stopped and looked at me and i said keep it moving with my hand and she went out the door. I turned around and I hear people talking. I went to go out the another door and when I pushed it to go out.. Someone was coming up and I pulled back to fight and I heard someone say real soft ( uh ol, she pull back). I saw it was not that girl and I went on out the door. Then saw a black spider dropping from my right side up by my head down by my arm and i caught it with my hand and killed it by wipeing it on my clothes.. Another girl come running up to me and said no, no, did you kill it. I said yeah.. She said you shounldnt have did that. Now she was saying that, that girl i was fighting ( well it wasnt a fight) about her man and she was going to do this and that to me and i was in deep sh*t. I held up my fore finger on my right hand and i was moving it from side to side saying, thats superstition and I dont believe in that. I believe in God and He is my protector and I think she in deep Sh*t. I turned around and walked off.... The End

Before i went to bed I prayed this "Thank You Father, Your Word Declares that No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper!." Everytime i close my eyes im either having visions or I have alot of dreams and i dont want no more bad ones. How it happens in my dream is how it used to happen in real life somebody always thinking i want they man. I dont want to fight because when i get mad I have alot of extra strength and I dont want tokill nobody and it scares me . Dont want to be in prison because i have killed somebody with my hands or gun . They wanted me on a sharp shooting team in school, talking about you no you good the best i have seen. I want you to be on this team and now i no it was the Holy Spirit said NO. I told him I can't and he said Why. I turned around and walked off.

I have been having alot of these dreams ( its always a girl thinks i want her man) I am always saying i dont want your man. Sometimes im laughing saying Daddy, she thinks i want her man.

So can someone confirm what i already no about this dream and what I dont know Please!
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