getting money to buy clothes.. hmm

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getting money to buy clothes.. hmm

Post by MoniqueBrown on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:16 pm

I had a dream that I was at my mothers house and looked out the front door its like right before dark where you can still see outside but dark out and saw a white car( nice white sporty like car riding close to the ground.. its low) going past (west) in front of house real slow and as it passed by the house i walked out and it stopped and bagged up and came in the yard under the plum trees. The car was pointed west still. He got out and was talking to me . cant remember what about.. but he said at the end about picking me up tomorrow and get some new clothes as i was walking back to the house and turned around and said give me some money to buy some clothes . I walked up to the car as he was shutting the door and his window was down. It was a girl behind me on my left and he looked at her and reached in his pocket and pulled out what i thought was money but when he handed it to me and i looked down at it .. it was a card and had writing on it and it had 230 dollars and in my mind said ( shop online) thats the thought i had. It had a name but i looked it up (online and cant find it) Then she said he likes you. I said huh. She said it again.. Then she said he torch you.. He was getting ready to leave and somebody on his passenger side said out loud he torch you. I said what that mean. she said he likes you. I walked on to the house and when inside. The end.

Can someone please help. ummm torch aint good is it.
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