Just another strange dream......

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Just another strange dream......

Post by Jebico on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:20 pm

but this one is staying with me. I am new here, so I hope I am doing this right.

To set the scene the night before: I had a phone conversation with my niece and she informed me that she and her husband had talked and they had decided that the salvation experience my great nephew (almost 8) had had at my home the weekend before was not real and she had to let me know that. So this was heavy on my heart, because I feel his experience was genuine and he lives in a household of non-believers.

Then right before bed, I was reading Facebook comments of a former youth pastor that we are friends with.

When I was in bed, I poured out my heart in prayer to God about my great nephew and his family.

This is the only major things that I could think of that happened before I went to bed.

The dream began with me walking up to the former youth pastor. He extended both his hands to me and wanted to pray with me. As I held my hands up to him I noticed on my right hand that I had green shoots (each with two leaves) coming up out of the top of my hand, wrist and arm as if they were hairs. I began to pull them out - I was curious, and while I could feel them coming out of the skin there was no pain or discomfort. I turned around to show my husband and although he didn't say anything verbally, I got the impression he wanted me to quit. I also noticed standing behind me a young man, in his late teens or early twenties. He was big, reminding me of a football player. In the moment I saw him, I recognized him as the son the former youth pastor and his wife had lost to a miscarriage in 1998. He said two sentences, but they stunned me. He said "They have no clue what is going on. I am not going on television to talk about this." This unnerved me and I began looking around the yard at all the people that were standing around talking and drinking (not alcoholic - just like at a picnic or party), and I wondered what they didn't know about.

Next, I was walking in the house, my husband was with me but he seemed more like a shadow, than a major presence. We walked into the kitchen where women were preparing food. A lady from my office (that I don't know well) was shaping hamburger patties. I notice a worn, torn slip of paper on the counter and I pick it up to read. It was a printed notice from our government telling us that we could choose from two option of food packages that they would provide for us. At that moment I knew that there were no more grocery stores and that I could not depend on the government and what I had in my pantry would have to provide for my family. I looked around at everyone and wondered frantically how they could continue to laugh, joke, cook and party. They seemed oblivious to my presence. I wanted to leave immediately to go home. My husband wanted to stay and eat the hamburgers.

Next I found myself in my van driving down a local street in our city, trying to get home. As I drove down the street, people began fleeing and running toward my van, some breaking into buildings, some terrified. I heard a gunshot and turned to my left looking down a side street and a man lay dead in the street. I looked ahead and thought about turning down the side street to get out of there - thinking this can't be my city, my hometown - but when I turned to look back at the side street there was a city police vehicle with the name of my city prominent and I realized that Yes! this was my town.

I made it to the end of that street and was out of the van on a platform where people were standing as if they were waiting on something. It was chaotic, people were missing and I was aware of children dressed in dark colors and they were going hungry.

That is when the alarm woke me up. I have lots of detailed dreams, some have come true (especially the pregnancy ones for different people) - my family laughs at my dreams, but this one I could not brush aside. It is almost 12 hours later, and I still feel the emotions as strongly as I did in the dream itself.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide,


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