Garage, my car and Medicine

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Garage, my car and Medicine

Post by meg2011 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:45 am

The church service had just gotten out. I was standing in the front parking lot talking to Jean (she does attend my church in RL). Something came up about talking about medicine she can buy in bulk and save you money. I told her the kind I take and she said she would check into it. A couple days later (or so it seemed). I parked my car in the neighbors front yard. Jean and my dad walked out of the front door of the house. She said she was able to get the meds in Decatur. She was commenting on how hot I was over the weekend. Apparently she saw me and noticed I looked pretty hot. The weather had changed and it was cooler outside. We walked to my house which was to the North (actually is in RL) and went into my garage where I saw several recycle bins set up for lids and bottles for the medicine. They were all different sizes, some small and some large. We discussed how she gets this medicine for a better price. (Don't recall that part) I thought to myself I wonder if she can get the same medicine for my cat as well. (my RL cat is on Meds) As I was going through the bins, the neighbors, a mother and several of her kids showed up. If we talked about anything I don't remember it. The kids kept getting into everything. The garage door was open. I remember thinking maybe I should close it but never did.

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