friends porch

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friends porch

Post by rosebush on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:02 am

This is a dream part I have been trying to understand. The dream takes place in a friend's trailer and looks in the dream as it does for real. I am heading out towards the door of friend's mobile home from the house towards the enclosed porch. I feel confusion as I approach the door. I look in and observe my friend laying belly down on the floor behind a plain business type counter set at a diagonal. I am thinking he is going to sleep. I go into the porch further and see a calendar on the wall and also bright paisley wallpaper on the same wall as the calendar. The print is white with large bright red and blue paisley swirls. So red, white and blue.

Next I see a spirit couple (see through) walk from the trailer house door past me and heading towards the front door. The only thing distinguishable about the spirit couple is that the woman has a full head of white hair, like Paula Deen. I also look back at my friend's house and I observe it now looks like a grandmother's house, which I had not noticed before.

Grateful for any help.

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