Two dreams one after the other??

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Two dreams one after the other??

Post by Sherrylalink on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:51 am

Im not to sure which dream came first but they have both stuck with me. Not sure of the meaning of either of them but have a feeling they are significant some how?

In the first part I was pregnant of about 5 months but my unborn child was almost trying to push itself out as if it was in a bag and I could see tiny little feet and hands trying to push through my stomach. I remember looking down and rubbing my tummy and talking to the baby pushing the little feet and hands back making my unborn baby calm. I wasnt feeling very worried about being pregnant and was acting very nonchalant. Then not believing I was pregnant until I saw my refletion in a window and relaising that I am and just accepting it then telling someone that I guess I just am with a laugh. My new boyfriend was there but cant remember if he was upset about it but I knew it was his?

Then I was at home making dinner, my children were there (7 year old girl and 3 year old boy) and my ex-boyfriend (my sons father)) when I was about to sit down to eat there was a nock on the door and I realised that I had won some random competition for a lead singer from a worldly band to come and sing to me while I ate my dinner. This singer was tall with dark curly hair (not to long) and was very sweet and cheerful, he set up his equipment with his amp and guitar and proceeded to sing to me while I sat and swayed to the music singing along. My daughter tried to talk to me and I just turned around to her and told her to shoooo that Im listening to the song.

Hope someone can give me some clarity:)

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