3 dreams that are worrying me...please advise

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3 dreams that are worrying me...please advise

Post by kiss100 on Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:07 pm

Hi, I have had 3 dreams over about a 3 month period and although completely different dreams there are similarities that stand out but I have no idea what they mean and whether it is some kind of warning or message from God.
Dream 1 - I am running up big stone steps excited about who I was going to meet (a man, who in the dream I knew but not in reality) When I got to the top and met him I was so happy & smiling but he was not pleased with me...annoyed even and then I realised I had left my bag hanging on the railings at the bottom of the steps but he didnt believe & said I was lying. I ran back down and was so relieved that it was still there and everything was still in there.
Dream 2 - I was in a big house with lots of rooms that were let out to various people like bedsits. I was at the top and went up the stairs but when I got to the top I was nervous and could hear voices so I kept looking down to make sure the door was shut and it was, it was locked too.
Dream 3 - (this is the most recent & vivid & detailed)
I was walking down a street at around 10am and the first thing I noticed was that the shops were all closed which puzzled me. Then I noticed shops that I never had before even though this was an unfamiliar street it felt as though I knew it. It started to rain, a little at first then it just fell down, I was getting soaked but I didnt care. My son was with me and we started to run, he ran ahead and I was following and we ran faster until I realised one of my shoes had come off (a gold pump) and I had to go back for it. I called to my son to wait but he didnt and as I turned to go back for my shoe, a man was picking it up for. I remember not wanting him to pick it up and felt embarrassed but took it from him. I started running again and it felt fantastic..I was soaked through, my hair saturated and it felt wonderful but then I realised my son had gone and i felt a bit angry and upset with him. The next thing I looked up and saw a street sign with 'stutt street' written on it and lots of new shops I had never seen before. Then I went to a little house, downstairs was old fashioned and empty but cosy then I went upstairs expecting the same but the bedroom was full of old furniture & toys and junk. I went through to another room and looked through a window and saw people in a small hall or kitchen drinking tea, they looked up and saw me and as I turned around I realised the room only had two walls, the other two were completely gone and where there was once a bathroom. all that remained were wall marks on the floor where walls used to be but had been demolished and thefloor was concrete. I only remember thinking ' I wont be able to sleep in here as i will get cold at night and people will see me even though th house was surrounded by huge trees like willows.
Im sorry this is soooooo long but didnt want o miss anything out that may be relevant. I hope someone can through some light on this for me, I would be so grateful...if not, never mind :) Thank you anyway, kindest regards and God's blessings to you all x

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