A party that I was unprepared for - Repost!!!

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A party that I was unprepared for - Repost!!!

Post by JoJo on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:12 am

Hi Everyone.

This dream may have manifested itself but I would like to hear the thoughts of my fellow interpretators to get their thoughts on this dream.

I was inside what looked like a gymnasium/auditorium. There were several people around but no one I could really recognize. I saw my parents and they said to me that it is a famous person's son's birthday and it was to be a surprise party. I then said that I didn't know that it was this person's birthday or I would have worn something else. Strangely enough, I had a change of clothing already at this place. I went to a large room, it looked like a coat room. My outfit was in that room and I began to change my clothes. While changing, the door flew open and some older boy children (around 10 yrs or so) ran inside the room. They were playing with toy water guns (a bazooka??). I looked at the boys that were playing, one of them looked exactly like his father and was the boy that the surprise party was for. Finally, the boys left the room and then I resumed getting dressed. Another bunch of kids entered the room, playing. When I looked out the door of the room from afar, it looked dark. I never got to change into my other outfit. I had to wear what I already had on.
I then woke up. My immediate feeling after this dream was that I felt unprepared. Even though I had another outfit to change in for this event, I never got to put it on.

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