Preparation Time!

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Preparation Time!

Post by divineangel67 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:19 am

Hello, I need assistance in interpreting this dream I had on Monday July 5, 2011. My dream took place in a property I own. I have had many open visions and bad dreams in that locations, since my childhood. In my dream, I am standing outside my property during the night. My property is full of people I do not know. We are all standing outside looking up at the stars. The sky is full of bright and beautiful stars that we all are mesmerized by them. Suddenly, I hear angelic music that brings such peace. It seemed as if I was in an outdoors concert. As I continue to look at the stars, I see a white plane flying above me. It stops above me and becomes a rocket. The rocket then starts to ascend to the sky above me. As it is ascending, it starts to fire (shoot bullets) at something unseen beside it. It was not shooting at us down below. I could hear the shots so clearly and loud. As this is occurring, 4 more white planes come into my sight. The white planes start to take a strategic location in the sky, they form a square. As they form the square, the white rocking is at the middle of the square still ascending. They all begin to fire into the sky. My perception of the situation was that there was a big war taking place. I sensed that a nation was invading another nation. Suddenly, my sister is besides me and I ask her if she is seeing what I am witnessing. She says "No", but then yells "Yes, I see it and we need to leave, gather food, clothes and take cover." At this point everyone hears my sisters' statement and they start to leave the property and take cover. I then proceed into a cinder block home which turns out to be mine. I take cover inside a screened porch attached to the house. I am still observing the war in the sky and listening to the loud shots being fire. My ex-husband is suddenly standing besides me. He says " Mom and Dad have sent me to take care of you and the girls (our teenage daughters). They know that you all are alone and need me to protect you. We need to gather food, clothing and go into the woods. There we will find a cave to take shelter." My dream ends at that point and I wake up. I begin to pray and ask the LORD for an interpretation. I clearly hear in my spirit the following "You need to start gathering rice. But besides rice, you need to gather much more ammunition. This dream has been on my mind ever since. I close my eyes and I can still see and experience the dream in it's entirety. Please help bring clarity to this dream.

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