Dream Ships, Eagles, and sisters Anyone have interpretation?

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Dream Ships, Eagles, and sisters Anyone have interpretation?

Post by GreenEmerald on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:47 pm

There was this huge spand of water and people were on different boat things throughout the water. lots of people.
There were eagles above that were going after these people. I was on one of the boats but I saw how the eagles operated. If they would see a person they would
(they were huge eagles) they would dive after the boat and then sink it in the water. so you had to hide from the eagles not to be seen, There was some type of airport of something close by as well (on island) , and there were planes coming in and other boats. I think my little sister Lydia was with me but I was trying to keep her hidden on the boat with me and she was very brave.

There was a boat that was preparing to be attacked by the eagle and they were figuring out an escape off the boat once the eagle started lowering them into the water.

Also had a dream about my mom, dad, and another sister. My dad was giving a testimony about rebellion and he goes for example let me show you, and then the light was shown at my sister, she had come back to the Lord then so she was okay. But thats all he said, and it was silence, then my mom was on some type of stand and she was there when my dad mentioned my sister and she whispered to her, "I love you", then I think the judge person told her she wasn't supposed to talk.

Thank you!!!!

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