1 dream 3 scenarios: Ant eater/Black Bear - Woman needing help - My friends ignoring me.

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1 dream 3 scenarios: Ant eater/Black Bear - Woman needing help - My friends ignoring me.

Post by Macleod on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:15 am

Dream from last night:

I was staying at a hotel. Went for a walk to a tree lined path – new young trees, slightly taller than me, thin trunks and branches with a light covering of leaves. Through the trees, in an opening was a huge black ant-eater. On all fours, it came up to my waist. He was like a big furry black bear, I was first concerned that it was dangerous but then felt at ease when I noticed it had a long ant-eater snout and saw 2 ant holes in the ground. He was overwhelmingly friendly. It sat next to me and motioned that it wanted me to put my arm around it, so I did, I think at this point it was white.

I was out of this place and came across a woman lying on a rock with a man holding her down and her daughter trying to help her. Two friends who go to church with me, were with me but they just continued to walk on by back to the hotel. I went over to this man telling him to “Let Her Go!!” He reluctantly did and went. I looked around and noticed the surrounding area had changed, it was orange rock and sand – there was construction work going on in the area, no trees. I asked the woman if she knew the man, she said she had a relationship with him a while back and that they had been working in the construction of the new prison that was being built there.

I took her down to my hotel and asked a helpful woman who worked there if there was a church or woman’s mission where this woman and her 17yr old daughter could stay and also asked if there were any jobs available for her at the hotel. She and her daughter had nothing except for two suitcases and had nowhere to go.

I was now back up where I saw the friendly ant eater. A round opening in a rock divided us. I saw it sitting there, but only saw it's body, it looked like it had a nest of little birds in front of it (I wondered if it was eating them?) and then saw that there was a second one, but when I looked again, it had changed into a man wearing black official looking clothes. The ant-eater walked through the rock opening but it no longer had a long snout, it looked like a bear now. It seemed disinterested and went back through the opening. I thought maybe they weren’t little birds but were instead it’s little babies. I heard a crunching sound and wondered if it was eating the birds/babies but I didn't want to see it.

Back at the hotel now, this woman was taking her daughter for a check up with a doctor and now my youngest son was with me. My two friends were around the hotel but I realised that the entire time we were there, they had been totally ignoring me. We had apparently gone to the hotel together and were leaving together but if this helpful woman who worked at the hotel hadn’t told me that a taxi would be fetching my friends and I at 8am the following morning, I would never have known because my friends had kept that from me.
End of dream

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